Making Visualization Work

Solutions to your Frequently Encountered Problems

making visualization work
Making Visualization Work
is a guide to help you with problems

you may be experiencing whilst learning to Visualise.

The aim is to provide you with simple, actionable solutions - developed over my 3 years of studying & practicing visualization - which you can immediately use to improve your results.

creative visualizationThe most common complaints I hear are:

"I Can't Visualise"
"I Can't Keep Motivated"
"I'm Not Seeing Any Results"

Feel free to click on the problem you're currently encountering, and
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If not, simply read on... and let's get down to making Visualization work.

And note - most problems can be solved quickly & inexpensively with the specially designed Creative Visualization MP3. It takes you into alpha brainwaves, making it much easier to visualize... whilst feeling suitably relaxed & uber-chilled. Boom.

"I Can't Visualize"

creative visualizationThe single most common complaint I hear is...

" I can't visualise "

My favourite answer to this is Obama-inspired...

" Yes you can ! "

Sceptical ? Let me prove it to you by asking you a couple of questions:

What colour is your front door?
And what side is the lock on the door?

OK... did you answer those questions?

Good. Because to answer them, you had to create an internal representation in your mind (however briefly). As such, you now know how to visualise!!

Why? Because we're going to use the EXACT same process when we visualise. So don't panic if your mind movies are not "perfect pictures" - they don't need to be!

You Don't Need Crystal Clear Images to Visualize !

You see, a lot of people get deterred, pissed off & give up... all because they don't see "crystal clear" or "life-like" images when they visualise.

But nobody sees images like that when they Visualize!

visualizationThink of it like this: If you did see totally life-like images when you visualized, how would you be able to tell what was "real", and what was a Visualization?

At best, that's a freaky Matrix experience.

At worst, it's a one-way ticket to schizophrenia - which I'd prefer if we all avoided!

Visualization Isn't Just Visual ...

So, if visualisation isn't just about "seeing pictures", what exactly is it?

visualizationActually, all we're trying to do is replicate the way you already experience memories inside your head...

To do this, you might use pictures (visual), sounds (auditory), feelings & emotions (kinaesthetic) or inner dialogue (auditory digital).

You can even add tastes and smells!

You might even use a combination of ALL of these!

(In fact, for best results I'd recommend using all of these systems!)

Making visualization work simply requires you to create an inner representation of your "dream life", the same way you'd review any of your "normal" memories.

So if you prefer "inner talk" or a "feeling" to pictures, that's totally cool.

Just visualize the same way you daydream !

Next, over time, you should add detail (i.e. images, sounds, emotions) bit by bit, to make the whole experience as realistic as possible. This is when your subconscious mind starts to "think" that you're living your dreams for real!

EXERCISE: Finding Out How You Visualize Best

So, let's do a quick exercise now, which will help you to clearly identify the best way for you to visualize.

This will save you hours of stress in the future!!

visualizationAll I want you to do is spend 30 seconds re-living a really great memory... something from this year would be perfect.

Pick an experience which gave you a strong positive emotion at the time. It could be making a big sale, going for a nice dinner, being out with friends, attending a concert … it's totally up to you.

And I'd like you to "re-live" that memory now. Try to trick yourself into believing that it's happening to you now!

Shut your eyes... take a couple of deep breaths ... and go back to that awesome time.

What can you see, hear and feel? Who else is there?

Stay with this memory until you get a real "sense" of re-living the experience.

OK, so what happened ? How did you represent the memory to yourself?

Did you:

  • See a movie or pictures of the scene?
  • Hear any sounds?
  • Feel any emotions?
  • "Talk to yourself" about the memory?
  • Get a "sense" of it?
  • Or a combination of these?

Whatever you did… that's the PERFECT way for you to start visualising.

So, if you just "talked to yourself" about what was happening - try doing that with a goal you're yet to achieve! This will be the best way for you to Visualise!

If you heard lots of sounds, and felt the emotions - do that when you "Visualize".

In fact, "Visualizing" is simply "making pictures AND / OR sounds AND / OR emotions AND / OR inner dialogue of how you want your life to be"

If that has solved your problems - and you're confident of making visualization work - I'd recommend you learn a detailed (but simple!) Visualization technique, which is the foundation for future awesome experiences.

Check out the Beginner's Guide to Creative Visualization now.

Or, if you're in a rush, you can read the quick-start Basic Creative Visualization Technique.

Otherwise, if you have been experiencing a lack of motivation ... read on.

"I Can't Keep Motivated"

The second complaint I hear a lot is to do with motivation.

making visualization workAnd I understand, because making visualisation work definitely requires a fair bit of motivation.

The key to making visualization work is, simply ... "little and often".

Aim to do a little bit of visualization most days, if you can. A few minutes will suffice.

15-30 minutes would be absolutely brilliant.

Here's a few tips to get (and stay!) motivated:

Try setting aside a certain time - i.e. just before bed - to visualize. This will help to make it a habit, and it will soon become a very "natural" thing to do.

visualizationAlso, be sure you're focussing on "authentic desires". If you are struggling to keep motivated, it's probably because you're visualizing having something...

... that you don't actually want!

(So stop & ask yourself: Am I sure I'm focussed on what I want, and not what society says I SHOULD want?!)

When you use Creative Visualization to imagine a life you deeply & honestly desire, your practice will be fun, exciting & enjoyable every time!

visualizingAfter all, you are imagining - in vivid detail - living your dream life. It should be mind-blowingly-awesome to vividly daydream about this... plus you can add all the luxuries you could ever want!

So, if you can't be bothered to spend 20 minutes a day doing this, I'd politely suggest that you reconsider your goals.

(Better to do this now than in 10 years time!!)

Because as soon as you tap into "authentic desires" - i.e. goals you'd love to achieve purely for the intrinsic pleasure of them, and not so they "make you happy" - you'll look forward to your Visualization practice all day long!

PS - Make sure you subscribe to this site & claim your Free Visualization Starter Kit, because in the next couple of months I'll be developing a 21 Day Visualization Program - which will involve taking a group of you through a new visualization every single day for 3 weeks!

This will turbo-charge your motivation, without question, be loads of fun ... and communicate your goals directly to your subconscious mind, so you get faster results.

Sign up here and you'll be one of the first to know about the launch.

Or, if you have been struggling to see any results with Visualization... read on.

"I'm Not Seeing Any Results"

Really? How long have you been Visualizing?

visualizationIf you haven't visualized every day for around 3 weeks, do this first.

Repetition really is the key to making visualization work, and 21 days seems to be the "magic number" for experiencing "real world" results.

If you're yet to enjoy your 3 week anniversary, go back & start again!

visualizationIf you have been visualizing for at least 3 weeks, are you doing so in a relaxed, laid-back manner?

Read this article on your Automatic Success Mechanism, and you'll see that you can "jam" your subconscious mind by trying too damn hard.

So, if you've been doing this, chill out and make your Visualization sessions fun again.

Making visualization work should be fun, laid back and totally chilled.

Also, are you getting in the right state of mind? You should aim for your brain to be producing alpha brain waves (similar to taking a nap) whenever you Visualize.

Use the Creative Visualization MP3 and you'll save yourself months of effort.

visualizationAdditionally, are you making your visualization more vivid every day? If not, go back and add detail.

The idea is to make the mind movies as "realistic" as you possibly can.

Add details, sounds, smells, people… etc!

Make sure you've mastered the basics.

Check out this article on the Basic Creative Visualization Technique to learn the "best practice".

creative visualizationAdditionally, are you experiencing the same emotion that you would have if you had already achieved your goals?

If not, make this your key area of focus.

Really feel the strong, positive emotions.

Emotion is the language of your subconscious mind - so use this knowledge to your advantage!

Finally, are you taking action?

visualizeAction includes: writing down new ideas as you get them; researching; meeting new people; creating content; trying new strategies; taking steps towards your goals; thinking in a more positive manner… and so much more.

Visualization gets you 2/3 of the way… giving you new ideas & insights… increased confidence ... and more focus ...

... But, naturally, YOU MUST CHANGE WHAT YOU DO to change your results.

As the old NLP adage says:

" If you keep doing what you've always done,
you'll keep getting what you always got "

This is simple cause / effect.

Visualization gives you to impetus to take new, informed action - and makes your action seem easier and more natural.

Make sure to make changes in what you do, and you will CERTAINLY see new results.

That's Making Visualization Work !

I hope this article (and the links within it) help you to master your own visualization practice, and get the same results that I - and countless thousands of people globally - enjoy.

Remember, sign up now and claim your Free Visualization Starter Kit. Not only does this contain top quality advice & tips, but also MP3s to get you in the best possible state of mind for visualizing (alpha brainwaves).

creative visualization

You'll also be put on the advanced notice list to join the Visualization 21 Day Challenge Program when it's launched. You may even get a cheeky discount!

Useful Articles

Read the Beginner's Guide to Creative Visualization for a detailed overview on how to visualize.

Or, simply learn the quick-start Basic Creative Visualization Technique

To visualize effectively every time, read my review of the Creative Visualization MP3

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I hope you enjoyed "Making Visualization Work". Making visualization work doesn't have to mean lots of effort and stress! Instead, making visualization work is all about relaxing, having fun... and adding as much detail as you can.

So remember when making visualization work - enjoy yourself, practice lots, and have a great time getting results! THAT's MAKING VISUALIZATION WORK!

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 creative visualization


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