16 Benefits of Visualization

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benefits of visualizationThis is a fun article which details some of the numerous Benefits of Visualization.

You'll find out why countless "success stories" - from Olympic Athletes to Top Salespeople - use Creative Visualization to get more of what they want from life...

... and why YOU should consider taking up a Creative Visualization practice.

If these 16 glorious benefits doesn't convince you to start visualizing … nothing will!

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Now, let's get stuck into the Benefits of Visualization ...

1) Get More of What You Want

Basically, the major benefit of Creative Visualization is that it helps you to get more of what you want.

benefits of visualizationWhen you vividly imagine achieving your goals, you trigger a whole series of subconscious processes which will help you to reach your target.

Out goes "willpower" - replaced by "effortless success".

By "training your brain" to know what you want, you'll inevitably experience more "real world" success - and feel more chilled about the process, too.

Read about how you can activate your Automatic Success Mechanism now.

2) You Already Do It ... So You May As Well Do It Right!

visualizationYep, you already "visualize" - probably without even knowing it!

You see, each & every time you worry about the future, get anxious about what might happen, or convince yourself that times are "bad"...

... you are visualizing … Just about the wrong things!

When you consciously Visualize about the circumstances you WANT instead, you reclaim control over your experience. You'll feel more positive & optimistic, too.

3) Gain All The Benefits of Alpha Brainwaves

alpha wavesAlpha Waves are incredibly good for you - and when your brain produces them, you experience increased relaxation, focus & pleasure, and reduce pain, stress & anxiety.

When you visualize properly, your brain produces Alpha Waves - meaning, aside from helping sculpt your dream life, you become healthier at the same time!

The Creative Visualization MP3 is designed to give you access to Alpha Waves on demand, with little skill required.

Simply lean back & press play ... and Boom! Reap the rewards!

4) You Can "Trick" Your Subconscious Mind !

visualizationAnother of the benefits of visualization was discovered by Dr Maxwell Maltz, in the classic book Psycho Cybernetics.

He noted:

"Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between a real memory, and a vividly imagined visualization"

As such, when you visualize you effectively "implant" new memories into your self-image - meaning that your subconscious mind  "thinks" you are already the success you dream of being.

This frees up subconscious resources to help you reach your goals, and it also increases confidence, sometimes dramatically.

This is the just about the greatest "trick" you can ever play on yourself!

5) It's FUN !

visualizationOne of the underated benefits of visualization is that it's fun to imagine yourself - in great detail - performing at your best.

Visualization is good for anyone's ego!

After all, who wouldn't want to imagine living their dream life - in rich, vivid detail?!

Go on... you deserve it :)

6) Visualization Increases Confidence !

visualizeAfter a few days of Visualization, you'll start to feel more confident (mainly because you've practiced success in your mind repeatedly!)

The more confident you are, the more opportunities you see (& take), and the more success you'll experience… which is the ultimate virtuous circle!

7) Mental Rehearsal Has Been PROVEN to Work !

visualization worksAs you can see in this article, mental rehearsal (another name for visualization) works.

That's why Olympic athletes, movie stars, golfers, basketball players, top sales superstars & elite businesspeople use Visualization to maximise performance.

Damn, even rappers love Visualization. Try these lyrics on for size:

"Before I had it, I closed my eyes & imagined...
... The Good Life"

Kanye West, Good Life

"Cos this is 'Theatre of the Mind',
Consider it a sign...
... Of what comes next"

Ludacris, I Do It for Hip Hop

And now, you can choose to replicate the proven practices of top performers (and rappers) too, by starting to Visualize.

When you visualize, you create new neural-pathways in your brain. When you repeatedly do this, your brain "remembers" the successful action...

... making it much easier for you to experience success for real.

Mental rehearsal prepares you for the "real thing" - and the more vivid and "life-like" your visualizations, the more you'll find that your subconscious mind takes over when you need to do your thing!

8) Form ALWAYS Follows An Idea

Look around you. EVERYTHING you see started life as an IDEA in someone's head.

visualizingThe physical form ALWAYS follows a thought.

So why not go straight to the workshop which produces EVERYTHING - the mind - and start creating some forms of your own?

Additionally, unless you can imagine something inside your mind in VIVID detail, you won't see it "out there" in the world.

So… that's why you gotta "Think rich" before you can BE rich.

See a picture of what you want. It's the only way to get it.

9) It's Good For The Soul !

visualizeYep, when you vividly imagine living your dream life, you do yourself a great favour:

You replace fear & conformism with possibility & desire.

You catch a glimpse of yourself performing at your best; achieving your full potential.

In short, this is VERY good for the soul.

You'll feel replenished, with increased energy and a sense of purpose.

10) You'll Be DEEPLY Relaxed !

visualizeAnother of the benefits of visualization is that each time you Visualize you will emerge very peaceful, and deeply relaxed.

Could you do with a bit more "Zen" in your life?

In time, you'll look forward to your Visualizations as much for the deep peace as you do for the joy of creating what you want in life!

Seriously... in today's manic world, this will seriously chill you out.

The Creative Visualization MP3 puts you in alpha too (see above), and when you couple that with your visualization, you'll feel like a Zen Master!

11) Visualization Increases FOCUS & DESIRE

visualizationThe more you visualize, the more focussed you'll be, and the more desire you'll develop for making your goals come to fruition.

Visualization will help you to be as focussed as you've ever been… and then some.

And, as Napoleon Hill notes in Think & Grow Rich, a "definiteness of purpose" coupled with desire creates riches (of any kind!)

Try visualization for a few weeks. Then, notice how much more driven - and productive - you are.

12) Get SOLUTIONS to Problems

visualizeWhen you Visualize, you'll get ideas & hunches to help you overcome your challenges.

By vividly imagining what to do, you'll experience insights which help to get you back on track when you encounter roadblocks on the path to success.

All from the comfort of your bedroom.

It's because your subconscious mind is flooded with instructions to follow - so it really gets to work! You'll be amazed at how "creative" you are. Honestly.

13) You'll Get NEW IDEAS

As mentioned above, one of the top benefits of visualization is the quality - and quantity - of new ideas you will be blessed with.

visualizationWith continued practice, ideas start flying into your mind at an alarming rate!

You'll know what to do, and how to do it.

(And for the times when you inevitably "mess up", you'll get ideas to get you back on track.)

All you have to do is put the ideas into practice.


14) You Access a HIGHER QUALITY of Thought

When you're in Alpha, you access a higher quality of thought, far away from the often confused stressing of Beta.

visualizingAfter a few days of consciously accessing Alpha, you'll notice a "birds eye view" of all your problems, goals & ideas.

You'll be in a much better informed position to take action on them, too.

You'll just feel more "in tune" with what to do.

And less bothered about "what could go wrong".

15) You Know What It FEELS LIKE to be Rich & Successful !

creative visualizationEr… it feels VERY nice to imagine - in vivid detail - being rich and super-successful.

Plus, as mentioned above, your subconscious starts to "believe" that you really are rich already!

This is developing a "prosperity consciousness", which all the Wealth Gurus say is essential to creating success of any kind.

oogwayGive it a go. Sounds crazy, but I think it works -
the more "rich" I feel, the more money I earn.

Coincidence? Maybe.

"There are no accidents"

Master OogWay in Kung Fu Panda

Give it a go. The enlightened (albeit animated) turtle says so.

16) You'll Improve Your Self Image!

visualizeThe final of the benefits of visualization is perhaps the most important.

Impressing successful images on your subconscious DOES improve your self-image...

... Which results in you feeling happier, more capable, and more confident.

Try visualization for a few days to see what happens.

You'll almost certainly start to feel as confident & self-assured as you've been in your life. And the benefits of visualization only get better with time...

You'll just feel like you on a good day, but more often. Probably a lot more.

Recap and Next Steps

Well, there's a few ideas to get you excited about Visualization!

I really hope this (partial!) list of the benefits of visualization inspires you to get started right now. Visualization really is a fun, awesome tool.

For a next step, either treat yourself to The Creative Visualization MP3 (gets you in alpha & makes visualization easy & fast - read the review)

Or sign up to claim your Free Visualization Starter Kit. This is full of awesomeness and designed to get you visualizing now.

Or, you could learn a Basic Visualization Technique

Good luck - and enjoy all the benefits of visualization!

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