The Automatic Success Mechanism

And How to "Set it Off!" with Visualization

automatic success mechanismThe Automatic Success Mechanism

is a concept of subconscious success, developed by Dr Maxwell Maltz in the multi-million selling book Psycho Cybernetics.

When you learn to "activate" your Automatic Success Mechanism (ASM), you are likely to enjoy more effortless & natural success.

The great news for you is that Visualization is the core process which "Activates" your Automatic Success Mechanism.

This article will introduce you to the ASM, and show you how to activate yours

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What is the Automatic Success Mechanism?

psycho cyberneticsThe ASM is a subconscious process which, when activated, effortlessly guides you to more success in your life.

It basically involves using & directing your subconscious mind to provide you with more success.

By providing a clear goal for your subconscious mind, you "activate" your Automatic Success Mechanism, which releases subconscious resources which take you directly towards your goal.

psycho cyberneticsThe ASM is seen by Dr Maltz as a "life instinct, which is forever working towards health & happiness". It is portrayed in the book as an evolutionary process.

Maltz argues that the same "energy" which grows plants; tells squirrels to gather nuts for winter; pumps blood round your body; and makes birds migrate (etc!)...

... is the very SAME power behind your Automatic Success Mechanism.

In short, your ASM naturally wants to grow and experience a good life. This is great news for us - but we just need to make sure we "feed" it the right instructions...

PROBLEM: Automatic "Failure" is Possible

visualizationThe big thing to watch out for is that this "Creative Mechanism" within you is impersonal.

You have to be very careful about what "commands" you are giving it.

Your subconscious doesn't "want" you to succeed, as such; it "wants" you to get more of whatever it is that you are imagining the most!

So if you constantly feed your brain images & feelings of poverty, stress, dread, worry & anxiety, what you are doing is inadvertantly sending the wrong target to your subconscious.

As such, don't take it personally if you're not experiencing the level of success you desire yet. Change what you're feeding your subconscious, and you inevitably change your results.

maxwell maltzAs Maltz notes, "It will work automatically & impersonally to achieve goals of success & happiness, or unhappiness & failure, depending on the goals you set".

He continues: "Present (the ASM) with 'success goals' and it functions as a 'Success Mechanism'. Present it with negative goals, and it operates just as impersonally & just as faithfully as a 'Failure Mechanism'…"

Now, you obviously want to program your ASM to bring you more of the stuff you want. So, how do you make sure to set your Automatic Success Mechanism for success (and not failure?!)

Make Sure Your Goals Match Your Self Image

The essential distinction to make is that the goals you have MUST be consistent with your self image. They must "feel right" to you.

If your goals are inconsistent with your self-image, they are rejected or modified. This stops you from getting what you really want.

visualisingWhen your goals match your self-image, they are "handed over" to your Automatic Success Mechanism, which goes about creating them in the most effortless way possible. 

Your subconscious mind really does follow "The path of least resistance", and makes your goals a reality.

So, by learning how to alter your self-image, you end conflict with your goals.

As such, if you believe you "deserve" to be poor, unsuccessful (etc), you need to look at changing your self-image. You want it to be "realistic" but "optimistic" - so start to suggest to yourself that you deserve riches, success, good relationships (etc - whatever it is YOU want).

As you probably already know, Creative Visualization is a fabulous way to gently & naturally alter your self-image. Learn how to visualize now.

Changing Your Self Image with Visualization

visualizingCreative Visualization will help you to activate your Automatic Success Mechanism.

Dr Maltz's method is: "Learning, practicing & experiencing new habits of thinking, imagining, remembering & acting in order to, (1) develop an adequate & realistic self-image, and (2) use your ASM to bring success & happiness in achieving particular goals... "

Basically, EVERYTHING can be changed by using the power of your imagination.

Tips on Changing Your Self-Image

Hopefully, you are aware of - and have been practicing - the Basic Visualization Technique. If not, start with that!

It's the fastest, simplest & easiest way to make profound changes at a subconscious level. Practicing this every day will invoke your ASM, build desire, and help you overcome problems by developing new ideas & approaches.

think and grow rich As Dr Maltz puts it: "If you really mean business, have an intense desire, and begin to think intensely about all angles of the problem, your ASM goes to work"

(Fans of Think & Grow Rich will immediately see the parallels between Maltz's and Napoleon Hill's work.)

Einstein Used This Same Process !

Dr Maltz argues that Albert Einstein used this exact process - in fact, that Einstein was a "great practitioner" of the Automatic Success Mechanism!

visualization He states: "Einstein acted as if a theoretical idea was a factual conclusion, then turned the 'figuring out' over to his ASM"

And that really is all you have to do:

Convince yourself that your goal is a "factual conclusion"; vividly imagine yourself achieving it; and let your Automatic Success Mechanism take over!

And the great news is that you can do ALL OF THIS using just your IMAGINATION!

Activating Your Automatic Success Mechanism

visualizeBy now I hope you are excited about the practically-limitless benefits of learning how to activate your Automatic Success Mechanism.

Here is a 5 step process for using the ASM, adapted from Maltz's Psycho Cybernetics. Keep it in mind as you practice.

1) Conduct an analysis of the contents of your self-image. What do you really believe you deserve from life?

2) Identify "erroneous & restrictive programming". i.e. "I don't really deserve success"

3) Use the Basic Visualization Technique to reprogram your self-image with more empowering ideals - i.e. "every day I become more successful"

4) After a short while, your Visualization practice will activate your ASM, and you will find yourself "moving steadily towards your goals"

5) Use your ASM as a "giant search engine" by convincing yourself that achieving your goal is a "factual conclusion". This will provide you with ideas, insights, information & solutions to take you closer to your goal. Keep taking action and correct course as required!

In short, this process is a communication system - a way to effectively communicate with yourself at a subconscious level. Above all, have fun experimenting with it.


It's worth stopping now to consider which areas of your life you have already successfully activated your ASM.

For example: Do you have effortless success with relationships, money, work, sport… or anything else?

And in which areas could your self-image do with a "spring clean"…?!

Make this your first area of focus.

Simply allow your visualizations to paint you in "the best possible light!"

If you really want to start experiencing effortless success, learn the Basic Visualization Technique and use the Creative Visualization MP3 to fast-track your results.

power of visualization

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creative visualization


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