Manifest Money with Visualization


manifest moneyLet's face it: we'd all like to manifest money on demand.

Imagine the possibilities

: more freedom, more experiences... and more toys. Less stress, more creativity, better peace of mind, being more charitable ... and much more. Boom.

So, how do you go about the process of manifesting money?

Well, visualization will almost certainly help you to get in the state of mind for attracting more money into your life.

This article will explain how - and teach you some pretty cool visualization exercises to help you become a "money magnet".


Can You Really Manifest Money?

I've been experimenting with the idea of manifesting money for a few years now.

manifesting moneyWorking in sales has given me a direct mechanism for determining the success of my efforts.

Because I'm paid on commission, it's easy to know when I've been in an "abundant" mindset.

In short, the times when I have expected to manifest money, I really have.

The times I expected to struggle, I experienced struggle!

As such, I honestly believe that our mindset - and beliefs - have an effect on the amount of money coming into our lives. Does this seem right for you, based on your thinking & experiences?

More Money, More Problems?

manifest cashAlthough Jay-Z said "Money ain't a thang" back in the day, and Biggie ruminated that "mo' money = mo' problems".... I beg to differ: having lots of spare cash is awesome.
For example, with just a few spare dollars you can rush to get The Ultimate Visualization Package of isochronic tones MP3s, which are bloody fantastic for body, mind & visualizing. It may even help you to manifest money :)
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Haha - yep, there's me trying to manifest a little bit of money now. Can't blame a dude for practicing what he preaches :)

But - on a serious note - I believe that more money is a GREAT thing for most people. It's not the root of all evil... far from it! Having cash is awesome.

The Best Mindset to Manifest Money

manifest money carl harveyFirst up - a little disclaimer: I'm not a millionaire. Not close yet, either.
But I'm far from broke too. Working for myself, I've had quite a few £10,000 months (about $15,000), and my personal best is £17,000 ($25,000) in a month.
Last month was around £11,000. Not bad for a 26 year old working part time (I spend far too much time reading in coffee shops, neglecting "work". Oops).
So I kinda know what I'm talking about. I've studied & devoured Think & Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, Money & The Law of Attraction, How to Be Rich & Happy... and lots more.

I also did my NLP Modelling Project on the mindset of wealth... so I'm not just making this s**t up. I do kinda know how to manifest money!

What I've found is that the best mindset for attracting money is a combination of intense desire, excitement & relaxation.
That sounds like a paradox, so lemme explain...

The Paradox of Desire, Excitement & Relaxation

The times in my life when I have found it easy to manifest money, my mindset has included:
manifest cashDesire - I was focussed on cash, and really wanted to make more
Excitement - I was super-excited about the potential of getting loads of dough
Relaxation - Cruicially, I was laid-back about the whole thing. I was NOT attached to the outcome.
Most people trip up on the last point. They get the desire; they get excited; but then they stress themselves silly & worry what will happen if they don't make the money.
D'oh. Although it sounds paradoxical to have an intense desire & be totally relaxed, IT'S NOT.
The key is to treat attracting money like a fun game. Sure it's a game you REALLY want to win, but it really doesn't matter if you don't.
And... guess what? Visualization is an awesome tool to help you develop this mindset of "abundance"... and it will help you to manifest money.

Become a Money Magnet with Visualization

There are loads of ways to change your beliefs about money using visualization, but here's a couple of my favourites.
NOTE: Be sure you are in alpha when you do this... use your free MP3s or The Creative Visualization MP3 to get you in the right state of mind.
1) Simply visualize yourself having loads of cash. Feel the emotion of desire as you see yourself creating stacks of money. Let the excitement build as you imagine what possibilities this opens up for you. And - most of all - notice how relaxed you are about the whole process. See what you see, feel what you feel, hear what you hear.
Repeat this every day for a week or two, and I guarantee you'll feel better about money "in real life". You may even get an unexpected cheque in the mail, or come up with an idea for a passive income stream, or find some cash on the floor (etc!)
2) Embody the beliefs of wealthy people. This exercise has served me very well. Take a pen & paper, and write down 3-5 core beliefs of rich folk (for example: "it's easy to make money"; "money comes to me easily"; "I'll never have a problem making cash"). Then, enter the alpha state, and "mentally try these beliefs on" one by one. Simply visualize what it would be like if you really did believe this! Play with them in your imagination until you feel like you DO believe them!
Again, within a couple of weeks, your subconscious beliefs about money would have started to shift. And that's when you'll start to "get lucky" & get some more cash!

3) Try this exercise from "Think & Grow Rich". First, write down the exact amount of money you want. Secondly, determine exactly what you will give in return for the money (i.e. goods or services - there's no such thing as "money for nothing"). Thirdly, decide on a date when you will have the money by. Fourthly, create a definite plan for carrying out your desires. Fifthly, write out a clear & concise statement detailing points 1-3 (i.e. how much you want, what you're gonna do, and when you'll get the cash by). Finally, read out your statement twice daily, but as you do so see and feel yourself in possession of the money.
Boom Boom Boom! These exercises will help you to manifest money at a subconscious level - so you won't necessarily be conscious of the changes you are making... but when you start to manifest more money, you'll know it's working!

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