Ask Believe Receive

(The Secret Process of Visualization)

ask believe receiveIf you want to receive something you are visualizing, the process you must follow is Ask >> Believe >> Receive.

That is, first you must ASK for something; then you must BELIEVE it is yours, and finally... you will RECEIVE it.

Most people struggle with the second & third parts of the Ask Believe Receive process...

... i.e. they are pretty good at ASKING (aren't we all?!); sometimes they BELIEVE they will get it, but then most people fail to RECEIVE in the right way.

This article will show you how to ASK, BELIEVE and finally RECEIVE in the best possible way, so more of your visualizations manifest for real!

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OK, so the first part of the Ask Believe Receive process is obviously the ASK.

This means you must form a CLEAR INTENTION as to what you want.

ask when visualizingIf one day you want one thing; and the next day you change your mind, it's gonna be hard for the universe (and your subconscious mind!) to keep up!

So the first step is to visualize the same thing every day ---> at least for a while.

This is the best way to ASK... by being as consistent and as detailed as possible!

Remember, quantum physicists say that WE CREATE THE UNIVERSE based on our attention and consciousness. As such, it's not too much of a stretch to realise that whatever we INTEND over time, tends to become reality.

So... if you want to get results with visualization... remember to ASK IN THE RIGHT WAY for what you want!

ACTION STEP 1: Are you being crystal clear about what you want? Take 5 minutes today to reflect on your desires, and "send them out to the universe" one more time, in a state of happiness and positive expectancy.


The second part of Ask Believe Receive is to make yourself BELIEVE that your visualizations WILL manifest and come true.

If you've read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, basically what we're talking about here is cultivating FAITH.

Now - I know how tricky it can be to keep the faith when your outer circumstances don't match your desires - but this is a mental challenge you must learn to conquer!

belief manifestationHave you noticed how the most confident & successful people in the world seem to have an ability to DELUDE themselves that they will get whatever they want?

Well... this is what YOU must practice too!

(And... guess what... it's loads of FUN to do this!)

One way to increase your self-belief and faith is to REPEATEDLY visualize yourself as having already achieved your goal... in as much detail as you can muster.

The more you visualize your success, the more you will begin to believe - at a conscious AND unconscious level - that this can really happen for you in the outside world!

And as soon as you really BELIEVE, you WILL start acting in a manner consistent with your new belief... and you will get BETTER RESULTS!

ACTION STEP 2: Spend 5 minutes imagining - in loads of detail - that you ALREADY live the life you want. Just be an actor or actress for the next few minutes, and throw yourself into this role. Notice what you can see, hear & feel. Enjoy living your dream life in your imagination.

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The final step of the Ask Believe Receive process is to RECEIVE... that is, to actually get out of your own way so you FINALLY get what you want!

Unfortunately, merely asking & believing will NOT get you the results you want.

receive your desiresYou have to learn how to GENERATE THE SAME FEELINGS you would have if you had ALREADY achieved your goals.

Only then will you start to reach your goals for real.

New-age people call this "becoming a vibrational match" for your goal, which sounds kinda crazy... but if you think about it, it makes sense.

Donald Trump KNOWS what it feels like to be a billionaire.

Michael Jordan KNOWS what it feels like to be the best basketball player in the world.

Tiger Woods KNOWS what it feels like to pick up Las Vegas Strippers in a bar (OOOH!) ...

And - as such - all of them know EXACTLY what to act like to get their goals... But they all learned how to feel it inside themselves first!

You follow? You must FEEL THE FEELINGS FIRST, and only then can you RECEIVE what you want.

Think back on the goals you have already achieved. Isn't it the case that you FULLY EXPECTED to achieve them, and you felt as if you already had?

In short, learn how to fabricate an EMOTIONALLY CHARGED IMAGE of your goal having already been achieved. Play with this every day.

And then sit back as your goals start to come true, without much "Effort" whatsoever. Sure, you must take action, but action comes easy when you're in the Ask Believe Receive mindset.

ACTION STEP 3: Spend 5 minutes creating the STRONGEST POSITIVE EMOTIONS possible pertaining to your vision. Convince your subconscious that you have already won. Generate feelings of success like your life depended on it! Feel the power now! (If only for a few moments) ENJOY THE FEELINGS! BE GRATEFUL!

That's Ask Believe Receive !

That's how to Ask Believe & Receive, and to increase your chances of success with visualization.

The best way to practice this properly is to take time each day to visualize -- at least for a few minutes. You can learn my simple 5 step system here.

I also recommend brainwave entrainment tools to turbo-charge your results. For example, I personally use the Brain Evolution System program to help access meditative states of mind, perfect for manifesting. (Also good for visualizing... feeling strong positive emotions... and letting go!)

Brain Evolution System has 6 different levels to help you manifest the life of your dreams, so you can Ask Believe & RECEIVE all you want!

Or... if budget is tight... try the inexpensive Creative Visualization MP3. Click the link for a full review.

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