The Importance of Daily Visualization

Jim Rohn VisualizationRecently, I stumbled upon a new book about achieving great success in life. It's simply phenomenal and reminded me of how important it is to make visualization a daily practice.

Actually, it's an old book... it had just somehow missed my radar. It's called 'Leading An Inspired Life', by Jim Rohn.

The first chapter of the book is about the impact of new disciplines (i.e. positive habits) on your life.

You can get the sample chapter for free on Kindle if you want to read it in full.

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Here's Some Of The Key Lessons I Learned:

I specifically gained three insights which relate to visualization. First:

"A new discipline immediately alters your life direction. You don't change destinations immediately - that is yet to come - but you can change direction immediately, and direction is very important"

I really like that one because - and I'm sure you will have seen this yourself - the moment you start a new (positive) practice, you realise that so much has already changed. (It doesn't matter if your new practice is visualization... or something else)

You feel more inspired; more motivated; better about who you are. You get a sense of optimism, happiness, and purpose. Life is fun again....

You are 'buzzing'. All from changing direction. Awesome.

visualization is magicThis second insight got me too: "Discipline attracts opportunity, which is always attracted to ambition and skill in action".

Wow - yes, totally agree. Whenever I commit to pursuing something - a new skill, or a goal perhaps - the 'stars align' and seem to bring me opportunities... often in the form of new ideas, people who can help, or 'obvious' actions I can take to help me.

Sometimes - oftentimes, actually - this appears to beggar rational belief.

Far-fetched 'synchronicities' pour into my life, making success seem somewhat effortless... enjoyable at the very least.

(Visualization really helps speed this process up).

I'd always thought this quite 'mystical' - and much of the teachings on the Law of Attraction (etc) are - but Mr Rohn's way of putting it makes perfect, logical sense.

Opportunity is attracted to discipline. A nice idea to keep in mind.

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The Bridge Between Thought & Accomplishment

The third and final lesson I'd like to share with you is specifically relevant to visualization.

Visualization is the bridgeRohn says: "If there is one magic word that stands above all the rest, it is discipline. Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment, between inspiration and achievement..."

I'd never considered it like that before: discipline is the bridge between thinking of what we want... and actually creating it.

Discipline takes us from having a dream... to manifesting a reality. Wow - how beautiful is that? It's a powerful, wonderful idea, I think.

Jim Rohn's 'Call to Action'

I hope you've enjoyed these insights - they certainly had an impact on me today.

I want to leave you with a "Call to Action" from Mr Rohn... I wonder if it stirs something in your soul, like it did mine:

"Start the process. Begin a new habit, no matter how small it is. Size isn't important; whether or not you start and whether or not you continue are all that matter" - Jim Rohn

There are many habits that have dramatically improved my life and pursuit of success - from running or exercising each morning, to meditating, to journalling... or indeed (my favourite) visualizing each evening before bed.

My sincere advice? Pick one new habit and watch the leverage it has on all areas of your life. Disproportionate success will be yours...

If you'd like to make creative visualization - the science and art of imagining what you want - your new positive habit, I know you'd enjoy my Everyday Visualization System Training Course.

I teach you how to visualize in such vivid detail that your subconscious 'believes' what you're imagining is real, and as such goes to work creating it... for real.

It works so quickly that I actually guarantee you'll see results - or "attract opportunities" to use Mr Rohn's language - within just 48 hours.

Remember - starting a new discipline alters your direction; attracts opportunity; and is the bridge between thought and accomplishment. If you want to achieve more from your life, then why not start a new discipline today.

Here's to your new discipline - what's it gonna be?

Good luck,
Carl Harvey

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