Attract Abundance with Visualization


attract abundanceIn this article I make the argument that you can
"attract abundance"
using creative visualisation practices.

It may seem a little "out there", but stick with me and you might surprise yourself by attracting a bit more abundance into your life.

You'll learn from my real-life case study, and be able to practice my exact techniques to get more of what you want.


What Do I Mean by "Attract Abundance"?

I believe that when you visualize regularly, you end up communicating a clear goal(s) to your subconscious mind.

attracting abundanceAs you probably know, your subconscious mind is responsible for the majority of your behaviour & beliefs.

As such, when you give it new instructions, it acts in different ways to before.

You will then - automatically & unconsciously - make dozens (& possibly more) changes to your thoughts & actions.

This in turn leads you to experience more of the situations & circumstances  you visualized about.

It often leads to changes in mindset, too… such as feeling richer, happier, more focussed… whatever.

Because you are not necessarily consciously aware of changing anything, it seems as if the success you experience is effortless.

You start to encounter people who can help you reach your goals; come up with money-making ideas; and experience other circumstances which make it seem as if you really can attract abundance.

That's how I believe you can attract abundance!

CASE STUDY: How I Began To Attract Abundance

OK, I worked in corporate sales for a few years. I was pretty good at it, comfortably earning £3,000 - £5,000 a month.

abundance visualizationI then decided to see if I could attract abundance into my life. I visualized earning a £10,000 paycheck.

This was unheard of in the company I was working for. In fact, I was the top earner when I was on £3,000 per month!

Undeterred, I imagined every aspect of each call I was going to make, including experiencing actually making the sales.

I pretended the money was already in my account.

I felt the emotions of earning £10k! (It felt gooood!)

I did this every night and morning for a few weeks. In short, all that happened was I started to act (in my mind) like a £10,000 sales superstar!


Well, within 2 months my earnings had leapfrogged from £3,000 to just over £10,000! No word of a lie - it took less than 2 months, in fact.

I didn't work any harder, and I didn't consciously change anything - except for my inner belief that I was capable of earning £10,000 in a month.

I then repeated this "attract abundance" experiment, first to make £12,500 in a month, and then £15,000.

My boss at the time - and my co-workers - couldn't believe what was happening. I seemed to have the best luck in the world!

Now I've repeated this practice to help me set up a series of internet businesses (what I call my "work from home empire" - see Personal Development Planet & Binaural Beats Geek), create new business opportunities, and to be happier & more peaceful.

How does this "Attract Abundance" thing work?

OK, here's some of the rationalisations I've given myself as to why it appears as if my visualizations always come true!

abundance attractionFirst, I believe when our subconscious mind is totally clear on a target, it goes to work tirelessly to help us achieve our goals.

In my case, this could've have been reminding me of leads I'd forgotten about; prioritising my calls based on my "intuition" of who would be most likely to buy; and helping me to ask the right questions at the right time.

Secondly, I believe "abundance' is a mindset which unconsciously rubs off on others.

For example, my prospects could FEEL my confidence, and they "brought into" that, more than what I was selling. Because I sounded and felt like a super-successful businessman, they believed I was.

abundance visualizationThirdly, I believe that my actions started to become more congruent with a £10,000 earner, as I believed that I was one!

As such, I became more confident, kept asking for the sale after being told "no", answered objections elegantly, and sold bigger packages.

Finally, I got loads of good luck - or "synchronicities". These are coincidences that you just can't explain.

For me, this included getting a few calls from prospects who had previously said "no", who had suddenly had a change of heart. Or one prospect who introduced me to an old colleague, which helped me to close a £20,000 deal I would never have got otherwise.

How does this work? Well, I believe that these coincidences were ALWAYS going to be there - but because my subconscious mind was looking for any help possible, I consciously "noticed" them… and was in the state of mind to take advantage of them!

This is what it looks like to attract abundance.

How YOU Can Attract Abundance

Follow my experiences, and I'm sure you will attract abundance too.

First, get a goal you REALLY want to achieve. Feel the desire!

Then, every night & morning, spend 10 minutes imagining in vivid detail that you have ALREADY achieved this goal. If you like, use the Creative Visualization MP3 to enter alpha brainwaves - the realm of the subconscious mind.

KEY: Experience the same emotions as if you'd achieved your goal for real.

Then, "let go" and get on with your day. You don't have to consciously "do" anything - but you can change your actions if you like. Don't force it - act naturally.

This will help you to attract abundance into your life - whatever it looks like to you.

Good Luck!!

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