The Law of Attraction

& How It Works With Creative Visualization!


law of attractionSince the release of The Secret

a few years ago, the world has gone loco for the Law of Attraction. It seems like everyone and their mother is trying to "manifest" more of what they want.

The problem most encounter is that the Law of Attraction is actually a lot more spiritual, philosophical & practical than simply "thinking happy thoughts". As such, lots of people struggle to see results.

The good news is that Creative Visualization fast-tracks the process of the
Law of Attraction
- because it saturates your mind with
images, sounds & feelings
of you living your dreams.

This is much closer to the spirit of the Law as it was described in classic books like
 The Science of Getting Rich & Think and Grow Rich.

NOTE: For a fully fledged audio course on mastering the Law of Attraction - which I personally use & recommend - see Bob Proctor's 11 Forgotten Laws.

This detailed article will show you how to Get Results with the Law of Attraction by utilising the awesome power of Creative Visualization. I'll attempt to refrain from sounding "too hippy" throughout..


What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction says that whatever we think about most - and believe at the deepest level - will tend to show up - or "manifest" - in our lives.

law of attraction In short, we "attract" whatever we think about most.

So, if we spend our days worrying about debt, focusing on what we don't have, and stressing that the world is "unfair", it's likely that we "attract" more of the same. D'oh.

Conversely, if we saturate our minds with the expectation of wealth, good health, abundance and joy, we're much more likely to experience that as our waking reality.

This is when we start to get rich and live our dream life … effortlessly.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

There are a number of schools of thought as to why the Law of Attraction works as it does. I'll touch on them briefly here, so you don't think I'm too crazy:

1) Subconscious Mind Argument

creative visualization This argument says that whatever we think about most - with feeling - tends to get communicated to our subconscious mind as a "target" for it to aim for.

Us humans are goal-seeking creatures, really - so when we "expect" a certain outcome, what we are really doing is "programming" our subconscious to utilise its' awesome powers - and make our deepest beliefs come true.

Because we invoke our subconscious (i.e. NOT conscious) powers, we're not tangibly aware of the subtle shifts in perception and action that occur …
... but these little shifts can make all the difference ...

So, in short, by handing over power to our fantastic subconscious mind, we can "attract" more of what we want, without conscious effort… because we have delegated the task to a hugely powerful storehouse.

2) The Reticular Activating System Argument

law of attraction The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the part of your brain which recognises patterns and "makes sense" of your experience, by looking for evidence to prove your beliefs.

It is typically activated when you experience strong emotion, and / or come across something new.

For example, if you buy a blue Mercedes, or a new jacket… which you really love… often, you'll suddenly start seeing blue Mercedes' and your fancy new jacket all over the place ... (even though you'll swear you never saw them before).

That's because your RAS is now "looking out" for it.

That's also why newly pregnant women suddenly see other pregnant women wherever they look!

The reason the RAS is relevant here is because when you flood your mind with images of what you want, you "power up" your RAS, so it starts to look for new patterns.

law of attraction So, if you implant the idea of "wealth" or your "dream life" into your subconscious mind, you'll start to notice opportunities to increase your wealth and make your dreams real - simply because you're looking out for it at an unconscious level.

So rather than seeing blue Mercedes', new jackets and pregnant women… you'll see opportunities for wealth, and shortcuts to your goals.

Because it's subconscious - and effortless - it will feel as if you are "attracting" the opportunities to you. More likely, the opportunities were there all along… but you didn't have your RAS focussed on them.

3) The Energy / Quantum Physics Argument

Another explanation for the Law of Attraction is a little more "out there". It's time to look at "sub-atomic energy". Ooooh.

manifesting Basically, at a sub-atomic level, we are all made of the same energy.

In fact, everything you can see is made of the same energy: other people, animals, rocks, plants, money… everything.

What looks solid, is actually energy vibrating at an incredibly fast rate.

The only difference between you, your computer, a bird and a rock is the rate at which the energy vibrates. And there's plenty of emerging evidence to suggest that our thoughts - or intention - can affect matter at the sub-atomic level. Check out the "observer effect" if you're interested!

The Law of Attraction is very interested in these "vibrations". The Law makes the argument that "wealth" carries a certain vibration… as does "poverty"…. and "mediocrity", for that matter.

Think of it like this - when you send off "good wealthy vibes", you'll feel happier and more driven; your mind will be flooded with positive, empowering thoughts; and you will come across to others in a better light. This puts you on the path to success!

So if we can change matter just by thinking about it, it makes sense that when you UTTERLY CONDITION yourself to expect wealth & success, you can get a bit of help frowhat the bleepm the universe too and "attract" these circumstances into your life.

This fits the famous Paolo Coehlo quote: "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it".

There's a great film which will blow your mind if you ain't seen it - called What The Bleep Do We Know.
It explains these concepts in a pretty simple manner... But don't watch it unless you are ready for a BIG paradigm-shift!

The Law of Attraction Ain't Easy

Now, here's a giant paradox for you: it's really simple to invoke the Law of Attraction (all we have to do is "vibrate" at the level we wish to experience), but this is very difficult - because we're conditioned by parents, media, teachers and friends to act in a "socially acceptable" manner.

And - basically - until you change what you think and how you act - you'll get the same results as them. Hmm.

creative visualization As the delightfully-named Wallace Wattles said in the must-read book The Science of Getting Rich (the book which inspired The Secret):

"You have the natural & inherent power to think what you want to think, but it requires more effort to do so than to think the thoughts that are suggested by appearances ..."

In other words, you have the ability to think whatever you want… but it's tough when your waking reality tells you that you're "dreaming", and that you should "be realistic".

To get results with the Law of Attraction, however, you MUST think about what you WANT, not what you HAVE.

It’s true that thinking your way out of your CURRENT experience does take work. In fact, Wallace Wattles says the same when he writes, "To think TRUTH regardless of appearance is laborious, and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work a person has to perform."

But the key is – it CAN be done.

Do you want to give it a try, at the very least?

Turbo-Charging Results with Visualization

Creative Visualization is the quickest, most effective & most fun way I've found to "speed up" the Law of Attraction.

Visualization works in conjunction with the Law in a number of ways:

1) Subconscious Influence

By saturating your mind with vivid representations of you living your dream life, you inescapably communicate the goal to your subconscious mind.

law of attraction Your subconscious will start to work on your "target" within a few days of starting your visualization practice.

The more you visualise, the quicker you'll "attract" your goals.

And the more your subconscious understands what you want, the more effortless the whole process will seem.

2) RAS

When you visualise, you program your RAS (as above) to look for new patterns.

law of attraction When you imagine in vivid detail being the top salesperson at your company, for example, your RAS will start "searching" for ways to make it happen.

You'll just start to see new opportunities, and have new ideas, whereas before you didn't.

Visualizing saturates your mind with possibilities. It primes your mind to look for success.

3) Energy

When you visualize, you invariably go to a "higher level of vibration".

energy You feel more confident, self-assured, motivated & committed. It feels awesome ...

... because when you visualize you actually "vibrate" at the level you would if you had actually achieved your goals!

The very act of Visualization creates the very "vibrations" you need to shift your results.

Plus, it's easier to maintain this energy in a quiet room when you visualize, as opposed to being at work surrounded by negative people, for example.

RECAP - and Next Steps

So, in short, Creative Visualization has not only been proven to create new neural-networks in your brain; but it strengthens the relationship between you and your subconscious mind; invokes your RAS; and lifts your energy.

Visualizing really does help you to "attract" more of what you want in life.

Just try this Basic Visualization Technique, and see where it gets you. You'll feel like a totally different person! Additionally, The Creative Visualization MP3 will put you in the perfect state of mind to get faster results.

- If you really want to master the contents of your head - and become more positive, focussed and influential - I can recommend a great Audio Course which I use personally every day.

11 forgotten lawsIt's called the 11 Forgotten Laws, and it's a series of MP3s and workbooks from Bob Proctor (star of The Secret).

It will - without question - help you to install an "abundance consciousness", and live your dream life quicker… and with less effort. Listening to these empowering and paradigm-shifting MP3s each day will dramatically speed up your progress, and Bob is brilliant at explaining complex & profound Universal truths in a simple way.

If you want the essential companion to your Visualization practice and turbo-charge your results, look no further than here ...

PPS - If you haven't already, get your Free Visualization Starter Kit now.

creative visualization


creative visualization


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