Killer Visualization Tips


visualization tipsHere's a few of my favourite Visualization Tips.

Keep these in mind & you'll experience better & faster results ... fo' sho.

Remember that Creative Visualization does

require some practice to get results... but the more you follow these proven Visualization Tips, the faster you'll succeed.

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Visualize Things You Actually WANT

The first of my visualization tips might seem blindingly obvious, but I'm amazed by the amount of people who ignore it.

visualization tipsBasically - be sure that you are visualizing what you really want.

And I mean - what you really, truly & deeply want.

That's the only way visualization will be fun - and the only way you'll see results.

The beauty of visualization is that it's totally private - so if you're the only person who knows you want to be an actor / singer / writer / business owner (or whatever!), that's totally cool.

Don't waste time visualizing you being a top salesperson if you hate your job and you want out. Don't see yourself as a Doctor if you wanna be a bloody carpenter.

Focus on what you want... NOT what you don't want.

If you don't know what you want, pick anything that "seems cool", and build from there. You don't need all the answers now. Just aim in the right direction.

This is perhaps the most potent of these visualization tips: focus on what you want, and then visualization will be fun... and THEN you'll see results.

Focus on Feelin' The Emotions

The next of my visualization tips is to focus less on "crystal clear images" - and more on feeling the exact emotions you'd experience if this was actually your real life.

There's a whole raft of evidence that your subconscious mind communicates in emotions.

visualization tips
And also that when you experience strong emotions, your subconscious "thinks" you are experiencing them for real.

So when you experience the emotions of wealth, confidence, success, happiness (etc), you are programming your mind to re-live them more often.

The more strong emotions you can experience, the more you'll "feel like this in real life". Oh... it feels really good too. Naturally.

Make feelin' emotions the cornerstone of your creative visualization practice.

You'll feel better, feel like this for real more, and "trick" your subconscious into creating these emotions on a regular basis. Boom.


Perhaps the most obvious of my visualization tips is to practice regularly.

Rome wasn't built in a day - and you don't invoke the benefits of visualization in one day either. Sorry to disappoint all the "get rich quick" types!

visualization tips Simply spend a few minutes each morning or night (or both for super-quick results) imagining your dream life in your imagination.

The more you practice, the more your visualization will take on "a life of its own".

And the more you'll begin to "act like this" in real life - and invoke synchronicities, "good luck", and come up with new ideas to take action on.

The most simple of the visualization tips is to keep going. Try it every day for a month and your life will almost certainly improve!

CHEAT!  (Use Binaural Beats)

The next of my visualization tips is to cut-out all of the trial & error, and jump straight into the realm of quick results!

visualization tipsTo do this, you gotta be in the right frame of mind - alpha brain waves, to be precise.

Sure, you could learn to meditate & do this naturally.

Depending on how pre-disposed you are to suceed at meditation, this could take you anywhere from a few days to a few years.

Or you could take advantage of proven, inexpensive binaural beats technology... and lay back while your brain responds all by itself.

Being in this state of mind will give you MUCH quicker results. You'll influence your subconscious mind quicker, and "feel different" - a lot quicker.

You can get sample binaural beats for free in your Visualization Starter Kit.

Alternatively, jump straight in & treat yourself to the epic Creative Visualization MP3.

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DON'T Be Realistic

My final visualization tip is to NOT be realistic.

visualization tipsLet me explain: if you only visualize things you currently believe you can achieve, you won't invoke the mystery of visualization.

Aim big. Aim for what you REALLY want.

Just imagine - in detail - that this is the life you currently live.

Make it "seem real" - as much as you can.

visualization tipsThe more you do this, the more you'll believe that you CAN achieve this.

As soon as you see it in your mind, your a dozen steps closer to seeing it "out there" in the world.

So... reach for the stars. DON'T be realistic.

And watch what happens.

visualization tips
You may well surprise yourself.


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