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best visualization tipsMost people struggle when they first start visualizing (so don't panic - it's not just you!)

So... to help... here's some of the Best Visualization Tips I've picked up over the past few years, to help you get more from your practice.

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Quantity Beats Quality

Here's one of the best visualization tips I've learned: Do a little bit every day; even a couple of minutes will suffice.

Unlike most skills you'll learn, it's actually better to do LOTS of "mediocre" visualizations, than the occasional great visualization.

That's because if you can generate the emotions of success every day - even if just for a moment - it builds a pattern in your subconscious mind, which grows & gathers momentum.

visualization tipsThis will create the changes you need to get the results you want.

If you only visualize once a week - even for a whole hour - it will take longer to reap the subconscious benefits, and you'll be likely to lose interest.

In short, "little and often" is the fastest way to get results with visualization.

Emotions... Emotions... Emotions

Emotions are the language of the subconscious mind.

Visualizing without emotions is like communicating with your subconscious mind in Dutch or Mandarin... it won't know what you're talking about!

visualizing with emotions Practice FEELING the emotions of success. If you can't get excited / happy / motivated / engaged when you visualize, maybe you don't really want what you're imagining that bad?

Visualizing should be fun & exciting. Feeling strong emotions is far more important than seeing "crystal clear" pictures. So practice feeling super excited, happy, rich & powerful today! FEEL IT!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

Here's one of the best visualization tips I know: Be sure to switch up your visualizations to keep them interesting & exciting.

Also, experiment with visualizing in different states of mind - like alpha (napping) or theta (REM sleep). You'll get different results & experiences for each.

brain salonTo do this, copy me and use a "brain entrainment" program like Brain Salon, which takes you to 6 different & specific levels of brain activity - for creativity, peace of mind, happiness & more.

It's all scientifically proven; and it makes visualizing - and reaching states of PEAK PERFORMANCE - MUCH easier.

The more you experiment, the more you condition your subconscious mind to feel "normal" with the emotions of success; and the more you'll naturally start to act in a way that resonates with your "highest self".

In short, you'll start to act more like the "best version of you"... more of the time.

Write A Plan First

One of the best visualization tips EVER...  Write down what you're gonna visualize BEFORE you do it.


A) It focuses the mind
B) It gives you a plan to follow
C) If you lose focus, simply open your eyes and pick up where you got lost
D) It saves time!

Sold? Good :)

For bonus points, write down the EMOTIONS you'd expect to feel if this really was your life. And then practice feeling them!

This structure will DOUBLE the results you get. Boom!

Enjoy Yourself !!

Finally... don't get too stressed out if what you visualize doesn't MAGICALLY come true within 15 minutes of trying it :)

Visualization has a million benefits, but see it as TRAINING for your brain and your future success.

You don't join a Karate class and become a black belt overnight. Similarly, you don't visualize once and then suddenly manifest enough cash to retire!

best visualizationSo... Enjoy playing with your deepest desires.

Learn more about what you REALLY want. Allow yourself to dream.

Receive INSPIRATION as to what action to take. Enjoy feeling CREATIVE as your subconscious throws ideas at you.

Absorb the HEALTH BENEFITS of being in alpha & theta states of mind.

In short, as the Joker would ask, WHY SO SERIOUS?!

Chill out... be happy... and keep experimenting.

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