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visualization productsOver the past few years I've experimented with a number of products to make visualization easier, faster & more intense.

If you want to increase the results you get from visualization, these are all tried & tested ways to create more of the life you want.

Sure, you don't need these to visualize... but they do speed up the process!


John Assaraf's "Winning the Inner Game of Money" ... 90 Day Visualization Program

john assarafI've literally just got this myself, & it's mind-blowing!

Devised by John Assaraf - multi-millionaire & star of The Secret - this is an intensive 90 day program to help you incorporate a "millionaire mindset" at a deep, subconscious level.

It uses the most advanced brainwave entrainment technology, combined with hypnosis, NLP language patterns, affirmations, EFT, subliminal messaging... and more.

All you do is sit back & listen - once per day for 30-45 minutes.

John takes you through a number of guided visualizations to help you "win the inner game of money". All you need is your imagination - and the commitment to listen every day.

It's not cheap, but I consider it money VERY well spent.

If you're serious about becoming VERY RICH... Click Here.

The Creative Visualization MP3

visualization products This is a great entry-level product to help you with visualization.

Developed by market-leader The Unexplainable Store, this MP3 uses binaural beats technology to take you into alpha brain waves - the perfect state of mind for subconscious reprogramming & visualization.

Just sit back, press play, & visualize like a pro.

Read a full review here, or go take a look.


amazonI've created a mini-bookshop on Amazon with links to some of the books that have helped me with visualization the most.

It has categories of books for visualization; subconscious mind; money mindset & personal development. I've read - and love - all of these books!

Visit The Power of Visualization Bookshop now.

Brain Evolution System

brain evolution system This is another brainwave entrainment product - this time
it's a 6 month program.

Basically, using it deeply affects your brainwave activity - allowing you to meditate & visualize with ease.

Not only that, but you'll feel incredibly peaceful & relaxed. If you want to combine visualization with meditation, this is a very safe bet.

The quality of the "buzz" is indescribable. You can try it free for a month too.

Well worth taking a look!

That's it for now... These are honestly the best products I've found on my visualization adventures. I can happily & honestly give my full recommendation to each of them... So... good luck & enjoy the results!

creative visualization


creative visualization


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