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Learn How To Visualize This simple 5 Step Creative Visualization Technique

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How To Visualize in 5 Steps (16 Mins)

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Creative Visualization Technique: Basic Written Guide

I hope you enjoyed my video. Below is a written step-by-step guide for a basic creative visualization technique - I know lots of us prefer to read by learning. I don't really elaborate too much in places - this is to help you understand the basic structure of a successful visualization.

How to VisualizeYou can read a much more detailed explanation of this process with The Beginner's Guide to Creative Visualization, or (naturally) my Advanced Visualization Training , which is described in epic detail (90 mins).

Both resources will help you to deepen your practice - and start to create more consistent "manifestations". The key - as with everything in life - is practice. The more you visualize, the more life will *magically* reshape to fit your visions...

PLEASE NOTE: I break my 5-Step system down into 10 smaller parts when I describe it on paper for ease of understanding...

First, here's my Creative Visualization Technique"Cheat Sheet". This will help you make every visualization session more vivid, powerful, emotive... and fun!


1) Get comfy... The comfier the better... But sit up unless you wanna fall asleep.

2) Start The Creative Visualization MP3 (or similar) to produce alpha brainwaves...

3) Slow your breathing right down. Take slow & deep breaths, from your belly. Mmmm - chill out :-)

4) Relax each part of your body in turn. Head, shoulders, knees & toes (etc). Take your time to relax.

5) Start Visualizing!
Play a mental movie of you living your dream, acting ideally. Daydream! Imagine!

6) Add as much detail
as you can muster. Sounds, smells, tastes, people, self-talk, images... Make it REAL!

7) Add emotions. Aim to feel as good as if you were experiencing it for real. Feel like your dream has come true.

8) Focus on acting ideally. It doesn't matter if you're not perfect yet. Enjoy watching yourself succeed.

9) Edit & Perfect  Keep adjusting the daydream until it's perfect for you. It's your vision - choose anything!

10) REPEAT! Each night for 10-30 minutes. In the morning too for bonus points. Results come quick!

This creative visualization technique is simple... but very powerful.

Below I've included a bit more detail, so you can practice this Creative Visualization Technique later today. Now, even, if you're so inclined. Woohoo :-)

And remember: there's even more detail in the article The Beginner's Guide to Creative Visualization... and you can experience real world results in 48 hours, guaranteed when you enrol in my Advanced Visualization Training Course. So go check those out too for top marks.

The Basic Creative Visualization Technique - DETAILS

Here's a bit more detail for you:

creative visualization technique1) GET COMFY! Sit somewhere comfortable where you're not going to be disturbed. A comfy chair is perfect, but if you're naughty you can lay on your bed (although you might fall asleep)

2) GET INTO ALPHA! Put headphones on, and press play on The Creative Visualization MP3. Shut your eyes… and prepare to relax!

NOTE: You get a free sample of this MP3 when you subscribe.

3) BREATHE SLOW! Start to slow down your breathing by taking several slow, conscious breaths. Pay attention as you breathe all the way in - and blow the air all the way out. Breathe through your belly, so you can see your stomach moving up and down. Do this for a minute or two to properly slow down & chill out.

4) RELAX THE BODY! Next, consciously pay attention to various parts of your body, and "let go" of the tension in each a little. So, for example, when focussing on your head, consciously relax your jaw a bit. Then relax your forehead. Loosen the muscles around your mouth. Let your cheekbones drop. Allow your eyes to relax.

Then move down to your neck, allowing the tension to disappear. The same for your shoulders… and then relax all the way down your arms to your wrists and fingers.
You can then let your chest, abdomen and legs relax a little more than they are.
Do this for your entire body.

Within a few minutes, you should feel a really pleasant "energy" circulating throughout your body, and feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

It sounds a bit hippy, but it's true. You'll feel awesome.

Congratulations - you are now in the perfect state of mind and body for Visualization! Let's get it on...

5) START THE VISUALIZATION! To Visualize, all you have to do is start running a "mental movie" of you achieving your goals, using your imagination.

See the movie "through your own eyes" as much as you can. Make it real.

This could be a movie of you making a sales call; running a business; winning an award; earning big stacks of money; going on a date with your perfect partner; living in your dream house…

... In fact, it's totally up to you, and you are only limited by your imagination.

6) ADD DETAIL! It's important to make these pictures as detailed and vivid as possible.

The best way to do this is to pay particular attention to the small details; any smells, sounds, tastes… as well as objects, locations, people…

... and things like what you're wearing, how you're standing, how you speak… etc etc.

Add these details bit by bit. There's no need to stress. Just ask yourself questions like "what sort of sounds would I hear?" and "who's with me?".

Over time, your daydream will become vivid... and even take on a life of its own.

creative visualization7) GENERATE EMOTIONS! All you do is imagine how you would feel if you were already acting like this in "real life".

What would it feel like? What emotions would you experience?

Make sure you generate strong, positive emotions. It should feel amazing.

The secret of this Creative Visualization Technique is that you must experience the same emotions as if you had already achieved your goals for real!

Have fun with it and let your imagination run wild. And enjoy it - this is fundamentally daydreaming about your dream life... If it's not fun, you maybe need some new goals.

8) ACT IDEALLY! The key with Visualization is to see yourself acting ideally - however it is you want to act in "real life". As Dr Maxwell Maltz said in Psycho Cybernetics:

"It doesn't matter how you acted yesterday. You do not need to try to have faith you will act in the ideal way tomorrow.

Your nervous system will take care of that in time - if you continue to practice. See yourself acting, feeling, being as you want to be… Just say to yourself, "I am going to imagine myself acting this way now - for 20 minutes today".

Simply act ideally, feel the emotions, make the experience as vivid as possible… and you will build "new memories" into your subconscious mind.

9) PERFECT THE MOVIE! As you continue to practice this Creative Visualization Technique, gently "massage" the mental movie until it runs perfectly - with you as the "leading star".

Within a few days you should be able to run the "perfect movie".

REPEAT!10) REPEAT! REPEAT! REPEAT! … After practicing this for a while (typically several days to a couple of weeks) you will start to feel differently.

You'll feel more confident - and you'll begin to act in a manner consistent with your Visualization... without even trying!



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