Learn How To Visualize...

... And Create The Life YOU Want!

Creative Visualization is using your imagination to create what you want

in life. If you want more success, money, a better job, fulfilling relationships, a nice car... or all of the above! ...  learning how to visualize will get you there faster!

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The Power of Visualization will teach you how to visualize, create success & overcome common mistakes. There's an art to it, but anyone can learn - and it's a whole lot of fun to start experiencing your dream life.

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If you want to jump straight in, sign up for my free video training series and I'll teach you how to visualize. Can't be bothered? Then just go for my VisualizeACTION! MP3. I'll guide you through the most incredible visualization EVER, as you go into a wonderfully peaceful & powerful meditation. It has to be experienced!

Welcome !

carl harveyHi, I'm Carl. I teach visualization to salespeople for a living, amongst other things, which is a pretty cool job. You can read about me if you like. Otherwise, I'll let you know what to expect from The Power of Visualization.

In the detailed Introduction to Creative Visualization, you'll cover all the basics - what visualization is, how & why it works, what it does to your brain... etc

It's designed to inform & excite, but not overwhelm.

If you prefer to learn by watching and listening, then be sure to sign up for my free video training and learn how to visualize.

Then, you'll be ready to start visualizing today...

Getting BIG Results... Fast

benefits of visualizationDid you know that there are many Benefits of Visualization - including increased confidence, more creative thinking, a strong sense of focus & purpose, and a deep sense of peace?

Also, when you nail visualization you reap the physical & mental rewards of accessing Alpha Waves as your brain "slows down" - just like advanced meditators.

It's seriously good for brain & body - and increases production of "happy chemicals" such as serotonin. The only problem is takes a while to learn how to get into alpha.

If you prefer, you can cheat like me & skip the months of practice of trying to get into the right state of mind by using The Creative Visualization MP3. This takes away all the struggle, leaving you free to happily dream about your goals & dreams... with no more frustration. It works automatically, every time... and to me, is a bloody Godsend!

You can read my review of this proven, tested, mind-altering tool - which is 100% natural.

Or...  sign up for my free video training series now!

"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions" ---> Albert Einstein

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" ---> Napoleon Hill

creative visualization

creative visualization




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