Is Will Smith the World's Most Famous Visualizer?!


I found this awesome video & just had to share it.  To me it *screams* that Will Smith is a master of creative visualization. As you watch, listen out for key phrases like "making a choice", the "power of decision", and my favourite.... "the universe gets out of your way".

I wanted to share it with you as I reckon it will inspire you to MAKE A CHOICE about your future, to SEE IT IN YOUR MIND, and to want it so bad that "the universe gets out of your way"... Believe me, you can create anything you want.... And here's how... Enjoy!

What's Stopping You From Copying Will?

Imagine how well this determined MINDSET could work for you? And what it could do to your life?

Particularly if you make an "at all costs" decision about what your future will look like ... and then IMAGINE IT IN VIVID DETAIL every day, until your subconscious mind is saturated with the image of your best life.

And imagine if you actually went out and take "imperfect action" as well? i.e. you just try something, (anything!)... and if it works - great - and if it doesn't work, you try something else?

The "secret" to success is pretty simple: the more you visualize (get clear on what you want), and take action, the more confidence you will have, the higher your self-esteem will be, and - to be blunt - you'll have a FAR GREATER CHANCE of creating the life that you deeply desire.

So make sure you visualize so much that YOU CAN'T HELP BUT SUCCEED! You won't have a choice! Maybe you've tried visualization before but not quite got the results you want?

Well, the MP3 I use to get my mind in the perfect state of mind for deep visualization is the Manifestation MP3. You can get it here as Binaural Beats for $14 (good) or Isochronic Tones for $24 (much better!) Best thing to do is listen with headphones, let your mind slow down, and start to visualize! Good luck :-)


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