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Welcome to your Visualization Training

. In just 17 minutes, you'll overcome ALL the visualizing challenges you've ever experienced, have a clear & powerful plan of action, and know EXACTLY how to visualize like a PRO - regardless of any troubles you've had before.

The video shot in glorious High Definition, so depending on your internet speed it may need to stream for a couple of minutes. My advice? Go get a drink, a pad and pen, and treat yourself to a few minutes of "you time". What you are about to learn may just change your life...

NOTE: Please do NOT fill in this form until you have watched the entire video & fully understand the offer :)

Yes Carl, Please Rush Me The *Exclusive* 90 Minute HD Training Video Extravaganza "Using Visualization to Make LOADS of Extra Cash and Feel REALLY Rich"

on a "try before I buy" basis ... with nothing to pay now.

Yes, you can get my 90 minute training DVD plus 3 awesome surprise bonuses right now... just enter your email above.
If you don't LOVE the training, simply email me & there's nothing to pay. If you do LOVE it, I'll send you an invoice for just £30 in a day or two*



Carl, by entering my email address, I am requesting a "try before I buy" copy of your
brand-new, never-seen-before
90 minute Visualization Training Video (plus 3 spectacular bonuses).

I agree that if the course provides at least TEN TIMES the value, I will pay you £30 using PayPal
or a major credit card in a few days. I promise that I will honour your trust and try the video out,
as well as the bonuses. If I don't love it, I won't pay a penny... But if I do love it, I promise to
pay you one low payment of just £30 to cover the costs of the course.

I fully understand that I am getting a "trial" of a paid-for product, that this is NOT a free video,
and that I am totally committed to PLAYING FAIR here. If it works, I'll pay. If it doesn't, I won't.

The course will teach me:

  • The 5 Step Visualization Process in GLORIOUS DETAIL - so I know all the tricks and "insiders tips" to get fast results
  • How to quickly change at a subconscious level and slip on a "super wealthy self image"
  • How to dramatically increase the amount of money I believe I am "worth"
  • How to become HIGHLY creative and have the self-belief to TAKE ACTION
  • How to create a life of abundance & freedom, no matter where I am right now
  • In short, HOW TO EARN AND ATTRACT MORE MONEY (even in a recession)

I get that this is NOT "woo woo" stuff, that it's based on the latest neuro-science and pragmatic
thinking, and that you will only teach me stuff that WORKS and will WORK for me *if I put in
the required time and effort, of course*

I'm also requesting a copy of the THREE SECRET BONUS surprises, which I can download right away!
They will help me to get even BETTER results with my visualization practice & to embed the subconscious changes.

(And that they alone are valued WAY higher than the £30 I'm investing)

I am aware that I can access these incredible training resources right now, FOR FREE.
And that I do NOT have to give you any credit card details now, or any other payment details whatsoever.

Instead, I am going to watch the video today. If I love it, please send me an
invoice for £30 through PayPal in a day or so. I'll pay it for you right away :-)

If I don't love the video, or don't believe the contents will help me to generate
AT LEAST £300 (TEN TIMES THE AMOUNT I'M PAYING), then I will simply
email you with some brief feedback... and I DON'T HAVE TO PAY A PENNY.

Just to be clear, Carl: If I don't LOVE this training, I don't have to pay you a penny.
if I DO love it, I'll happily pay you the £30 using PayPal or a major credit card.

I appreciate you taking the risk and I promise to honour your trust :-)

Here is my email address, which I'll confirm by clicking the link
in the email you send, and then I'll start watching the training & listening to the bonuses!



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